Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday: At Last - New Couches!

Whew! I can't tell you how happy I am to get rid of our old, embarrassing couches. They had been a gift from my parents when Brennan and I first moved in together 8 years ago, but at that time, the couches were already 10 years old! Not that I minded - you know how tight finances are when you're first moving out, and they have definitely served us well over the years. However, we had noticed that lately, every time you sat in them, you tended to sink slightly lower than the time before, so we knew what was coming...

For the first time ever, Brennan and I bought new couches! We got a call on Tuesday telling us our delivery date, and they arrived yesterday! I can't tell you how excited we all are here. We purchased them from a Canadian store, The Brick, in late September and we were not supposed to get them until after the 20th of this month, but surprise! They came yesterday. Brennan and I spent all of Tuesday night cleaning the living room and using an at home floor refinishing kit to get the floors nice and shiny again (not that you can see it in these photos!) before the couches came. We were very fortunate to get these on sale ($200 off each!) and even better - they are made in Canada! I thought for sure that couches at this price would have been made in China (not that there is anything wrong with that), so it was nice to be able to support a Canadian business and manufacturer. Brennan also got some nice quilted blankets to protect the couches from MadameArwen , and they just happen to go perfectly with our curtains (did my man deliver or what??). Unfortunately, the living room is ripped apart in these photos - we had a fabric protector kit come with the couches and I spent the majority of last night applying that so the couches had to be pulled out from the walls, cushions taken off, etc. It is a non-toxic, water basedprotectant, not that cancer-causing stuff, so that was a relief (though it still smelled icky).
Of course, as soon as I got up this morning and let Arwen into the living room (we kept her out of it to avoid breathing in the protectant while it was drying) Arwen was up on the couch, trying it on for size. Success! She loves it, and, as you can see, seems quite happy with the size. What is great is that we got two full sized couches, not a couch and love seat, so that if Brennan falls asleep on one couch,Arwen and I will both fit on the other one!

That is all for now, Arwen and I are going to go and sit on the new couches, and marvel in the fact that we don't sink up to our eyeballs in them!
and Arwen

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