Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Arwendnesdays with Arwen the Wonder dog

Hello, it's me, Arwen the Wonder Dog, here for another installment of Arwendesdays with Arwenthe Wonder Dog. Today's lesson is, "Oh, The Places You'll Sleep". Mommy was going through her photos and realized that she has many of me sleeping in various places around the house. I thought I should give you all pointers. The first photo is me sleeping on the bed. I always take daddy's pillow and make it comfy for me so that I can look out the window to watch for squirrels and birdies. I also sometimes bring my toys with me and put them on the pillow so that they can watch out the window as well. Mommy puts blankets down for me so I don't get my fur all over the bed, but if you look closely at the left side, you'll notice I've also arranged Mommy's new Healing quilt (see yesterday's post for details) so that it is touching me!
Here I am on my bed in Mommy's office. I don't usually like lying on the doggy bed, but Mommy is spending a lot of time in the office and wants me to be comfy, so she puts the bed in the corner beside her, near the bright faux flowers and encourages me to lie there to be more comfy off the floor. I have to say I like being next to her! I also have a little fleece blanket that I can use if I need extra comfort, though with my fur coat, I find it gets a bit too hot, so I usually paw it off.
As I mentioned before, the floor is a perfectly reasonable place to sleep, especially when you have a toy or two nearby! This ensures that when you wake up full of energy, you have a toy ready and waiting for you to play with. It is also a good place to get a bit of sun (it seems to like to move around in the sky, necessitating that you move with it), though here it is only on my nose and shoulders.
Couches are, of course, one of the better places to lie down as they are comfy, large, and when Mommy and Daddy are sleeping in their bed at night, I can come and stretch out full. I still like to sleep in bed with them (mommy says she feels like a chopstick because, between Daddy and me, she only gets a sliver of the bed!), but the couches are very nice as well. It is even better if a human is there, as the chances of you getting a snuggle or a scratch are greatly improved.
Naturally, if there are blankets around, take them! They are easily curled into a comfy nest and create a nice warm, snuggly area to sleep, preferably with a toy nearby.
I hope you have found this informative! Until next week,
and Arwen

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Renee said...

Arwen I particularly like the picture of you where you have one eye almost opened.

Love Renee xoxo


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