Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous Friday Features: LiberTeas!

CORRECTION: The sale should have read FREE SHIPPING with purchase of $25 or more, and has now been corrected. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Welcome to this week's installment of Fabulous Friday Features, where I feature a differentEtsy, ArtFire, or other online artist each week. Would you like to be featured, or know someone who should be? Leave me the shop name and web address in the comments below!

This week's artist is Eccentric Pastiche on Etsy, also known as LiberTeas on ArtFire. Anne makes wonderful, hand blended teas in a variety of types and flavors. I have ordered from her a few times now, and have found her teas to be just as, if not more, delicious than she describes. My favorites? Chocolate Rose Romance, Earl Grey Creme (it has a hint of vanilla - yum!) and Almond Mocha Mate, usually available in both of her stores. What is even better: a little goes a long way; it is easy with these loose leaf teas to get a second, and sometimes even a third brewing out of them, without losing their flavor! This makes her teas an even better value than they already seem (just go to any "designer tea shop - their prices are ridiculous and not nearly as fresh as Anne's). Read on for more info on this exciting artist!

How did you get started making your teas -- I started flavoring teas out of love for tea, one tea in particular. I had fallen in love with a chocolate tea blend that I purchased from a little antique store in Orange, CA (when I lived there several years ago) but they went out of business and took their tea blend with them! So, I scoured local tea shops, houses, and rooms to try to find a chocolate blend that could replace the one I missed. But none that I tried were as good as the chocolate blend from the Antique shop, so I thought "well, how hard could it be to flavor and blend teas on my own?" Ha ha was I in for a big surprise.

It took quite a while -- I even gave up after about a year of trying to duplicate the tea blend I craved, but, then I tried again, and eventually, after much trial and error (mostly error!) I created a chocolate blend that I think is even better than the tea blend I had fallen in love with from that antique shop.

What are your inspirations -- I'm inspired by so many things. Sometimes friends will give me an idea and I'll try to create the kind of tea they're looking for. My Breakfast in Bed blend is an example of this. My friend wanted a rose tea with vanilla, and maybe just a hint of cinnamon. She loves what I came up with.

I'm also inspired by other teas that I try. I am a regular reviewer on the Tea Review Blog ( and so I have the opportunity to try so many different teas. Sometimes, I'll try something and it will inspire me, not to duplicate the flavor, but to improve upon the flavor. My Sweet Caramel O'Mine is an example of this, I had tried a caramel tea at one point, and liked it, but, tried to think how I would improve upon it, and selected some choice teas for the blend and added a bit more caramel, and created an amazing Caramel tea.

What are your favorite teas -- My favorite tea changes pretty regularly. My overall favorite of all time would have to be my chocolate. It's one I can go back to time and again and enjoy... and it's better than any other chocolate tea that I've tried, and I've tried a lot!

Right now, my favorites would have to be my Meadow Nocturne blend, which is an herbal, I have been drinking it regularly about an hour or so before I head to bed, and it helps me get a very restful night's sleep. And it tastes delicious too! Another favorite would be my Potpourri Blend. I've been drinking more green tea lately, and this is definitely one that I've been drinking regularly.

Any Sales or Specials? I would like to promote my Fall is Coming Sale! FREE SHIPPING WITH $25 ORE MORE IN PURCHASES!.. This sale is primarily in my Artfire shop but I will honor those prices in my Etsy shop as well - just convo me and ask me to post a special listing and mention this blog article, and you will get the Shipping for free. Use the code "AUTUMN" during checkout.

Thank you Anne! Please do visit her shops to see her amazing selection of VERY well-priced teas. I know I will be :-)

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Renee said...

Meghann those teas look fantastic especially the chocolate rose one.

I'm going to look.

I love this blog feature.

Love Renee oxooxox

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh, need to link this next time Angie and I do our "blogger community artisan/artists, etc, shopper links" :-)

Renee said...

I stopped by and those sampler teas look fantastic.




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