Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures: New PhotoAccessories!

Well, here they are, my new photo accessories! I got a mini tripod (I won't tell you what Brennan said it looks like - it was rude!), a remote for my camera so I can take photos of my hands while I work, and a magnification filter for my lens. Now, I haven't figured out quite how the lens filter works best - my camera seems to have a hard time focusing when the filter is on, but I'll play around a bit and let you know how it goes. If I can't use it for jewelry, it isn't a big deal, I can still use it for flower and bug photography. I am so excited to show you my techniques and various other things now! Stay tuned, I'm working on some ideas for you.

The back to school sale is over, but keep checking back for more great sales, specials and jewelry goodness.

I will also be doing a charity of the month post very soon :)


LindaGJ said...

Hi Meghann! I really need a mini tripod myself. What a wonderful and practical thing to have! You are a very lucky gal! Thank you so much for sharing your new Treasure!
I'm so...happy for you!
Linda :)

Renee said...

You are funny, I didn't even know what those were at first.



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