Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Awen's Wednesdays

Hello everyone, it me, Arwen the Wonder Dog and I'm back for my Arwen's Wednesdays, or "Arwednesdays" as some call it! When we were at the cottage, each night when the sun started to go down, mommy would take me walking along the shoreline to sniff the mail from the dog next door and to try and chase frogs. I wasn't too sure about the lilypads so I didn't go into the water.
When the sun really started to go down, mommy and daddy would sit me in the cottage so that they could take out their little boat on the river and fish or take pictures. I couldn't come because I'm too squirmy and they knew I would try to jump out! Here is a photo of a Blue Heron that mommy took. Sorry it is a bit blurry, but it was taken from the boat! It was a very big heron, with at least 3 feet of wingspan and it had a mate with it as well.
Here is one of the gorgeous sunsets. I really liked this time because it meant that mommy and daddy would be coming back from the water to sit and watch a movie.
I really liked these beautiful sunsets - everything was so calm and I love movie time because mommy and daddy let me sit in between them for a bit so they can cuddle me.
It's a very good life, but all this vacationing has certainly tired me out. I'm going for a nap, see you soon!!

Mommy says to tune in tomorrow for a very special announcement!

and Arwen

1 comment:

Renee said...

Lucky Arwen.

My love to you dear heart.



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