Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Arwendnesdays With Arwen the Wonder Dog!

Hello! It's me, Arwen the Wonder Dog, here for your weekly fix of ME on Wednesdays, newly rechristened Arwendnesdays With Arwen the Wonder Dog :)

Mommy hasn't been bringing her camera on our walks lately (something about me catching she scent of all the deers in the area and trying to run after all of them at once with her attached to my leash...she says she doesn't want her camera filled with gravel if I accidentally pull her onto her belly, rah-rooh!), but she DID find a really cool program for free collages at Shape Collage and tried this one of ME (of course!). I think it turned out really well, but then again, I might be biased, rah-rooh rooh!

It is a very easy program to use - you just select the photos you want to import into the program, select the shape you want your collage to be (rectangle, heart, etc.), then click "create" and you're good to go! I am thinking of asking mommy to print this one so that I can sign it...I just need to figure out a way of holding the pen with my paws, ha-rah-rooh.

I think I am going to try and get mommy to do a heart collage of me next - then she can print it and paste one over her desk, one in her bedroom, one in the get the idea ;-)

Until next time, thanks for tuning in, mommy says she'll have some more new things for you soon!

and Arwen

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