Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday with Arwen

Hello! It is ME, Arwen the wonder dog and I am here to tell you about my photo shoot with my mommy. See, she is a professional photographer and when daddy said he needed some business photos of him, she did - with the one stipulation that I get some nice photos too!
There was just one problem....I don't like having my photo taken! I look all sad, or worse, scary, because as soon as mommy points the flashy thing at me I lower my ears and try to look cute, not realizing that my lowered ears in photos look mean, RahROOH!
Mommy thought that after the first photo she took (at the top), that maybe daddy should come in and help me out....that didn't work, 'cause I thought it was love time and proceeded to try and kiss him and get as many scratches as possible, ri-roh!
When it was apparent that he didn't want to show me affection, I quickly ran out of the room, up the stairs and got my seal. Then I ran all the way back downstairs, and sat in the studio with my seal, ready for my closeup.
Still no perky ears, but I think the seal definitely shows my good side. That is all for now, until next time, my blogger friends :)

Mommy thinks she has a good idea for the next contest, so she says to please keep checking back (as if you wouldn't keep checking back to see more of me! RahRooh!)

1 comment:

Anny said...

Arwen is so cuteeeeee... This is the first time i see the white patch on her chest... its beautiful :)

Dom doesn't like the flast too... usually i do with no flash and lots of natural light.. to get the best shots of them is when they are happy in the garden :D

take care Meg and love to Arwen too!


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