Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday: SALE ALERT!!!

It's Back to School time, and to make things a little more pleasant all the way around, the Capital Crafters is having a Back to School sale!! Here are the shops participating so far:

20% off all items in the Dame's Yarn Fun Emporium

15% off all items in Wendance Designs

15% off all items in John Toft Basketry

There are more shops joining in each day, check back often to get updates!

Remember to enter my contest for this month, and hey, while you're at it, why not sign up for my once-per-month newsletter, packed with subscriber-only details, sales, specials and more!

Over and out!
...You didn't think we'd leave without Arwen saying a sleepy goodbye, did you??


LindaGJ said...

I must say that Arwen has got to be one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen! Just a doll!!! I wish I could have a dog, but my condo building doesn't allow pets, although Kenzie is here as a secret! Besides, it wouldn't be fair to keep a dog in a smallish apartment, but perfect for a house pet.
I was wondering all these shops you listed, even though they don't mention a sale, are they still having a sale? So far I've only been to Dame's Yarn Fun and found a hat that I love, just wondering!
I hope you are doing well.
Linda :)

LindaGJ said...

Oh! I see the sale doesn't start until August 25th!
Sorry about that!

Renee said...

Arwen looks as comfy as a bear.



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