Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August's Charity of the Month: Country Cat Sanctuary

This month's Charity of the Month will be the Country Cat Sanctuary in Oxford Station, Ontario. They are one of the only "No-Kill" shelters in the area and one of the only cat-only shelters as well. They are a registered charity and are always in need of financial help to do their great works. They are almost always willing to take in cats - they converted a horse barn in their back yard to house the cats in comfort, and even have a nursing room in their house for sick or injured kitties (they are currently at capacity due to a very bad year for strays)! A few years ago, when an idiot dumped two kittens in my yard from a moving truck, the Country Cat Sanctuary was the ONLY place that would take them, and I called 4 different shelters!

They have many cats that need forever homes, or, if you can't take one into your own home, they need helpers like you to sponsor a cat - a small donation can pay for their food and other expenses until they are adopted. They also take in cats that aren't able to be adopted - they are too traumatized or are used to being outside, so they need your help in the form of sponsorship.

10% of the total sales before taxes and shipping will go to help this wonderful sanctuary this month. Please visit their website if you would like to see their cats and kittens, as well as read about their success stories and miracle cats. There is also a form that you can print out and mail in with a donation if you would prefer to donate directly to them yourself.

Thank you so much for your purchases from the the last 2 months, I have donated $20 to the Lanark Animal Welfare Society!

Have a great day to you, my miracle workers :)

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LindaGJ said...

Wonderful choice Meghann! I wanted to tell you I went out in public today, another dr. appointment, my last scary one and all turned out to me being ok!!! Yay!
Everybody I talked to commented on my beautiful ring you made me! I fit it on my pointing finger. It's looks delicious and so fabulous!!! I do believe I'll be wearing it all the time!!! I also love the pendant as it is so gorgeous. It is now hanging as an art piece on a very special wall. Wow.
Thank you so much again!!!


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