Monday, August 10, 2009

Maniacal Monday - It's an Invasion!

We were just about to go to bed late on Saturday night when *GASP* Arwen! What's that above your head??? Nooooo! It's a monster! It's an invasion! It's an ATTACK, LOOK OUT!!
....Actually, it was just a frog that had climbed on to the outside of our living room window. I'm sorry for the rather intimate shot of the frog, but it was the only shot I could get at midnight. What impresses me most is that we live in a high ranch style house - where he was on our living room window was about 17 feet off of the ground! What a high-climbing froggy. I am very impressed. We also had one on our front light, but I didn't get a good shot of him (or her).
Arwen was less than impressed by the frog, but thought that just in case, she would put on her crab helmet. Just in case.

Keep watching, a new contest is about to begin!

1 comment:

LindaGJ said...

Very cute pics of your puppy dog!!!
And I'm impressed with your frog! What a very colorfu frog too!
We don't have those, that I'm aware of in Houston. Just the green frogs.


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