Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures: A Bracelet for Queen Victoria

As promised, here is the newest piece of jewelry in my NeoAmour (New Love) line! This substantial piece, inspired by Queen Victoria, was worth your wait to see it!
Queen Victoria was a very strong woman. Ruling during the Industrial Revolution, she helped Britain become (once again) a super power among the world. She survived numerousassassination attempts. Widowed after many years of marriage, she never stopped mourning, so strong was her love of her husband. However, her love of jewelry and adornment was a close second - she even had a miniature crown made for 'everyday' wear! This bracelet is for her - black for mourning, but with a nice amount of sparkle.
This is one heavy bracelet! I used over 60 GRAMS of teeny, tiny Czech glass seed beads (approximately 2000 beads!!), in opaque black and silver lined crystal, that were each INDIVIDUALLY hand sewn into place with over 20 yards of beading thread. This took me well over 10 hours (I lost count after that actually - it is probably closer to 20), and is so beautiful and substantial, this is going to make someone very happy.

I will be listing this in my Etsy shop today, please let me know what you think, and please do take a gander at my Etsy shop for all sorts of delightful goodies that will make you feel wonderful every time you put them on :)

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LindaGJ said...

That bracelet is gorgeous Meghann! I'm glad I checked out my dashboard to see it! Also wonderful treasury, maybe it's still up so I can see it and click away! Question, I have been making Houston Treasuries, as you know,so I can print it from my treasury poster. I used to use Thumbalizer to copy the treasuries I'm in and now for months it doesn't work. do you know how to copy the treasuries you are in? I'm in one now and would like to copy it without it getting all distorted. Do you know how to do that?
Now I'm going to check out the Treasury you made and click away and also go check out your beautiful shop!!!


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