Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday: I've Been Tagged and Given Awards!

I had to laugh when Audrey of Stage 3! Who Me? Said I'd been given the above awards: Audrey from Audrey's Country Crafts had just contacted me saying I'd been tagged with a 10 Things about Me MeMe. 2 Audrey's in one day, what are the odds??
I have to give the awards to 5 people, so I am giving them to the first 5 people who commented on my blog yesterday (please don't hate me, and don't feel like you have to rush to pass them on - if you even do pass them on, take your time!)
1. Daisy the Curly Cat
2. Rksign88
3. Equine Epiphanies
4. Fireseed
5. FriendsFurEver
You each get both of those awards :)
Now for the 10 things about me:
1. I'm super-shy and don't really have much confidence with things, despite how I may come across.
2. I love my dog and fiancee (obviously), and can't imagine where I'd be without them
3. I used to do gymnastics as a kid, and was supposed to go into serious training
(read possible nationals) when I got "too tall and too fat" so I had to stop - I was 11 years old, 4 foot 9, and not very heavy at all - go figure!
4. I LOVE to garden! Even though my pain and the weather have been conspiring against me, I LOVE getting out and smelling dirt and flowers and yes, even pulling weeds.
5. I love to learn new hobbies and crafts - knitting, crocheting, you name it, I want to try it!
6. I need a new bookcase...again....I've filled all my old ones...anyone want 4 years of Horse magazines??
7. I LOVE to cook for people! When I'm cooking for me, it is simple, but when I get to have people over, it is game on and I have an absolute blast.
8. I'm a computer and video game nerd. There. I said it.
9. I'm a sci-fi and fantasy nerd. Might as well go for the gold in nerdiness.
10. I believe that with a good book, some time and patience to allow yourself to make mistakes, you CAN teach yourself anything. So go ahead! Learn something new!
I'm going to pass this 10 Things About Me MeMe to anyone who wants to do it - I'd love to learn more about you!
Have a great day, I'm off to take advantage of the sun and do some serious weeding :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WHAT? Two Audrey's in one day! Now THAT is a special day LOL!

I love your list. Learning more about people is what the awards are really all about as far as I am concerned. I really enjoyed learning more about you - I would not have pegged you for shy! And I am the same kind of cook - simple for me, go to town on it for company!


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