Thursday, October 30, 2008

Squishy Kitty

~My Squished Cat in a Red Box Needs Prayers~

In the midst of the worst flare up I have ever had, complete with the worst pain I have ever endured, I noticed that on my cat's sore hip there is a little spot on his leg that he has chewed his fur off. A few days later I noticed that he had chewed a small sore in the same spot, so he is off to the vet on Saturday. He needs all your prayers, as I think he is getting displaysia in his hips. He already needs dental surgery (we are trying to come up with the money somehow), but the displaysia is sort of a deal-breaker. I had a dog with displaysia as a kid, and it doesn't matter what you do - drugs, surgery, anything - it doesn't fix the problem, only prolongs their pain and suffering. Even though he is pretty healthy now (he is 13, so no one is perfect at that age), I don't want to fill him full of drugs that are going to have side effects and make him dopey, or the other extreme - hide the pain so that he damages his joints without realizing it. We need lots of prayers that whatever is going on is fixable (and that we can afford to fix it!!) or I am afraid I will have to make the most difficult decision of his (and my) life. I love my little fuzzy buddy, and he is my best furry friend. I want him to be happy, healthy and safe, and I can't in good conscience keep him doped up on meds when I know that he shouldn't be. If need be, I will make the decision to let him go to 'kitty heaven'. We need prayers - for him and me!
Until then, I am taking lots of pictures and giving him lots of chin scratches :)
God bless,


Karen said...

Oh sweetie - I'm sorry you are in a flare and sorry your kitty is sick. Maybe some cortazone will do for awhile. Animals seem to do better on it than people do. And the fur biting may be an allergy. My kitty used to bite herself furless at times. All the tests ($380 that I didn't have thank you very much) came back negative and they wanted to put her on kitty prozac - no thank you. The chewing I got used to and at least she wasn't doped up. She is at Rainbow Bridge now. It's very hard to send them to wait for us. Prayers for you my friend!

Meghann said...

Thank you Karen, I'm praying it is nothing too serious. If it is, however, I know that I cannot keep him alive simply because I don't want to let him go. I think the best thing we can do is to let our beloved pets go if we can't fix them. I take responsibility very seriously and I will not let him suffer just to 'keep him alive at all costs' - an early death when he is happy is a heck of a lot better than waiting until he is miserable.


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