Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life Is Like That...

~One of the Photos From My New Photo Card Collections~

"It never rains, but it pours". Yeah. I know. We are still trying our darnedest to save enough money to get the cat's teeth fixed (it's $1100), but with the way things are going, we will probably just put it on the line of credit and be done with it. We sure don't have any extra funds right now that's for sure:
We got our furnace oil last Thursday, and although we have a teeny tank, and had 1/4 of the tank still full, it was $430. Then I woke up Friday morning and went to take my after-workout shower - only to find that the hot water heater had quit. We got it fixed on Tuesday for $150. Yesterday we finally got the massive living room window replaced - at $535, and we got our hydro bill for $106 (okay, the hydro isn't so bad, as I am constantly turning off and unplugging things, driving Brennan bonkers, lol). Honestly, where does it end?? I need to get wire and other jewellery making supplies to make more stock, but I have no money. It's insanity!
That being said, I know we are not alone. I know I am not the only one in a relationship who is unable to work, living on a single income with debts and bills and financial stress. It is a really great motivator to get selling my jewellery and photography!!
With that in mind, I want to let you know that my other blog, Little Studio Photography and Jewellery, is having a contest! All you have to do is go to that blog and sign up as a follower during the month of October. On November 1, I will randomly select one follower to win a beautiful pair of earrings handmade by me! See the blog for details and get following!
That's all for now, blog at you later :)

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