Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh the Horror!

~Soft, Cuddly and Always Purring, He's the Only One Allowed
on my Lap - Even (or Especially) When I'm in Agony~

Horror is right - my in-laws had snow all day yesterday and it's not even November yet! I am so not ready. We still need to replace our snow shovel after last year's 'Battle with the Ice', and I haven't even winterized my yard - eek!
I am in the major throws of a flare-up, and for the first time ever, my hands and fingers are hurting like I broke them. I have to admit I'm pretty scared about that. Having use of my hands even when I'm in agony is the one solace I have - even if I'm hurting something awful I can usually still manage to knit/crochet/make jewellery/play video games to take my mind off of the pain. I definitely need to get back to the rheumatologist and fast.
On a much more positive note, I have a super-duper announcement! I have started an online store to go with my Low Allergy Kitchen Blog! I started it on Etsy, called Little Low Allergy Kitchen, because of the number of people who, like me, have a ton of food allergies. Unfortunately for a lot of you, however, people just don't have the time (or inclination - that's okay, I understand!) to spend hours in the kitchen baking up a storm. This is the store for you! You'll be able to get freshly baked goods (I bake your order when you order and ship next day with priority mail to get it to you the day after it's shipped) at reasonable prices, delivered right to your door, and know that they were made with your allergies in mind. I'll be adding more items to stock my store, so keep checking back!
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