Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures, Or, How to Make Arwen Happy

Note: You can click on the individual photos to enlarge them - I needed to shrink them so as not to bog you all down with the numerous doggy photos ;-)

Hey Arwen, look at our tree! We are so blessed to be able to give presents to our loved ones at this time of year. And speaking of which....what is that little pile of presents wrapped in green paper? Why don't you go and check it out??

Oooh there are three green-wrapped packages with your name on them Arwen! Why don't you pick one out to show everyone? Yes, the middle one looks good. Here, I'll help you open it.

Good gracious! Someone must love you very much (psst..it's me)! Let's take this item out of the plastic bag (the only way I could keep her from smelling and opening the present as soon as I wrapped it) and see what it is....WOO! A GIANT pressed rawhide bone from our favorite local pet shop in Kemptville! Yes, smell it and then lick your lips, this is going to be one good (albeit messy) time.

Aww sweetness, you don't have to thank me, but you are very welcome all the same. Why don't you take your new bone and have at it? Here you go! Note: you can really see how white her winter coat is in the winter in the first shot here - she gets very white on her undersides, from her neck right down her belly and under her tail...her legs go a brown as well. Come the spring, it will all shed out and she'll be back to black with well defined white spots again. Interesting isn't it?

And here we have it: a very happy dog... What the photos don't show is that by the next morning she had chewed up rawhide stuck in her beautiful chest fur and I needed to take a damp cloth a la a mother to her toddler's chocolatey face and wipe her down, much to her displeasure. She got over it soon enough though, and has gone from being my shadow to my glued-to-me dog carrying her new bone everywhere with her in the house, being sure to get her rawhide bone-breath in my face as thanks whenever she can. I love her so :)

Tune in tomorrow to see what else she got for Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who left comments on our last post. We did have a wonderful, small Christmas with our family and we have been having a few lazy days, which certainly is a change! I let the housework go for almost a week but eventually had to give in...I suppose old habits die hard and I am now back to cleaning a little bit every day, lol.

Arwen and I hope you all had a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you more now that we've had a much needed rest.

Hugs and prayers,

and Arwen the happy dog :)

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