Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wednesday's Walks with Arwen

This is the first in what will (we hope) become a weekly feature with ME! Yours truly, Arwen the wonder dog. Now, mommy says that I have to give credit where credit is due, so we need to say that this feature is inspired by BeadedTail's Saturday Strolls with Sadie, a fellow beautiful blogger dog. Thanks for the idea!
Now, back to business. Walks are serious events, that I try to have happen daily, but when it rains or is too icy or too hot, mommy says it is dangerous and we can't go. Rain makes the gravel roads like sandpaper on my paws, icy roads are slippery for paws and cars alike, and heat is not good for a black dog with a permanently thick undercoat! In those cases I play keep away while mommy tries to play fetch with me. I don't want to fetch! Stop throwing my toys around, I just want to chew them!
Back to the serious walks. I think this way smells good, let go!
Now one thing that mommy always laughs at is "The Pee Spot". There are actually 2 on this route, but mommy is only showing one today. Mommy laughs at me when I mark "The Pee Spot" because: 1. I'm a girl and have to squat, which she says looks funny (I can't help it, I'm being discreet!), and 2. I HATE it when people watch me! I have to turn and look away or I can't do it. It is even like that in my back yard. No one watch okay? Moom! You peeked! Yeesh.Okay, now that I've marked my spot, let's keep going...Here I am on our road, sniffing furiously as I walk. You can sort of see my bushy tail - it isn't as good as Sadie's, but I'm not full Husky. I'm trying though!Sometimes I get a really good sniff and have to stop my furious pulling to check it out. STOP MOMMY THIS SNIFF SPOT IS GOOD!!! I can never seem to remember what was here, even though I stop there every day. Here is mommy wiping some plant fuzz off of my head after I sniffed the spot. She also got rid of a pesky deer fly from my muzzle, thanks mommy!Here is a totally uninteresting spot that mommy made us stop at. No good sniffs here, but she said that a wild cat gave birth to some kittens and was keeping them there by that stone wall, not 6 feet from the road! Fortunately mommy told the person living across the street about it and he has been feeding them and keeping them safe - mommy tried to photograph the corner of the pie plate he put down for them but it didn't show up - he is still a nice guy though!!Now hurry up mommy, we have to make up for lost time after all the stops! Run mommy, run all the way home! Here is a photo of us running, I am pulling her to go faster, but she was laughing too hard trying to take a photo of me running :)We ran all the way home and I had a nice big drink and then, as is custom after our walks, we had a nice big cuddle. Until next week, mommy wants to remind you to sign up for our mailing list to be entered in her contest, she says:
Remember to enter my monthly contest by adding your name and email to my monthly newsletter (You have to sign up for the newsletter first to be eligible to win!!), see the full contest details here.
Take care, I send you high fives and tail wags,

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LindaGJ said...

Arwen is so CUTE!!! Looks like an awesome walk too. I used to be a pet sitter for around 3 months in Washington State and the scenery while I walked the dogs was an awesome sight. I know you live in the Esstern side of Canada, but I'm sure that is beautiful too as I've been to upstate New York. Wow, what a difference from the boring ugly Houston city. But mainly, I came to post about your adorable dog, Arwen. Aren't they the best friends ever? I admit I'm a kitty lover, but also love dogs and wish I had one, but my building won't allow it...but I've been on many dog walks with many different dogs and they are so fun and funny. Love, hugs, and kisses to Arwen!!! Yay to animal lovers!!!
Linda :)


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