Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Stressful Day in Arwen's Life

Hi! It's me, Arwen, Meghann's wonderful perfect grown up puppy dog! I have a story for you today: When mommy was a kid, her parents gave her a stuffed baby seal toy (not a real one, don't worry!), which her cat, Gandalf, soon stole as his own special toy. When I came around, with all my wonderful doggyness, Gandalf and I stole it from each other as our favorite play toy. This went back and forth for years, until Gandalf went to the Rainbow Bridge last year, and since then, I have become incredibly attached to this seal. Mommy has tried to sew the stuffing back in it many times, but I have told her very clearly that I like it full of holes, floppy without stuffing, and DIRTY! Well, mommy got disgusted the other day and threw it in this big white machine! It started making sloshing sounds and wouldn't let my seal out for me to play with no matter how much I smelled it and tried to get on top of it!!I sniffed the top - I even tried to jump up there, but mommy wasn't fast enough with the camera....
I sniffed the side.....and then when mommy went back upstairs to fold some of the big people clothes and I stayed down right beside the washing machine, waiting. Mommy couldn't find me after a few minutes so she came back downstairs to find me giving her the evil laser eyes, wanting my seal! Please mommy, I need it!
Mommy sighed and said, "This calls for specialist equipment...."
"A big gob of peanut butter, her favorite cookies and her Kong ought to do the trick!".... and it did, but it took a while to get me upstairs....
And then FINALLY! Mommy brought a big basket of big people clothes upstairs and hidden in it guessed it! My seal! We had a very happy reunion where I got to smell it, then I chewed it and now I am back to carrying it all through the house where ever I go :)
Mommy says to remember to enter her contest this month to win a pair of fancy earrings. Click HERE for the post.
Thanks for listening to my story, I hope you have a happy Wednesday!
...and Arwen too!


Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME! Meghann, that has to be one of the funniest/saddest things that I have read in such a long time! Lesson to be learned: don't ever try to seperate a dog and a seal! Wonderful pics! They tugged at my heart.

Renee said...

Now he is so beautiful and Meghann I loved the pictures by the washing machine. har har.

Also thanks for the heads up on the giveaway, I am heading over there NOW.

Love Renee xoxox

Anny said...

Lovely pics of Arwen :) Thanks for dropping by on my side and welcome to my blog Meghann

Meghann said...

Thank you for your comments. Arwen is feeling back to her happy self now though she is keeping the seal FAR FAR away from me, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hey Meghann,

I really want to see the new bracelet, but I can very seldom open your other blog :(
Can you post it on this one as well? Thanks Meghann!

Renee said...

Hey Meghann how is the bell of the ball today. It is gorgeous over here, how is it out there?

Love Renee xoxo


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