Monday, June 29, 2009

Melodious Monday - I LOVE Plurk!

Okay , okay, when I first heard about Plurk, ANOTHER site to social network, I thought my head would explode. Honestly, aren't I on enough sites already??? (See yesterday's posts for that). But after reading RoseWorksJewelry's blog post on how it is similar yet different to Twitter, I thought I'd give it a try. To me, it seems like a great merger between Twitter, Facebook and MSNChat. You can easily follow conversation threads, or ignore them. You can easily find your current friends, or make new contacts by following other's friends. Want to see people's lives but don't want to chat with them? Instead of becoming theyr "friend", become their "fan". You can't message each other, but you can see what the other is up to. It can automaticall post your updates to Twitter and Facebook as well, to save you posting time ifyou are into that.
Yup, I love Plurk! I've already met some cool people and I've gained 10 new followers to this blog in the past 2 days - welcome to all the new people, thank you for following me here!

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