Monday, December 8, 2008

Today's the Day!

~She Can't Wait for Her Grand-Monna!~

So today is the day: my mom is coming over for a few days while Brennan is out of town! We are going to sew things and start our Christmas baking and watch old movies! I am so excited and so is the dog, as she knows when 'grand-monna' is around she always gets treats!
I'm so excited, it almost erases the soreness this morning - not only is it really cold outside, but I spent ALL day yesterday cleaning the house - the kitchen (including scrubbing the outside of the cupboards), dusting every nook and cranny, tidying the whole house, cleaning my office/guest room (the cleaning never seems to be done), vacuuming the floors and stairs, SCRUBBING the floors and stairs, scrubbing all the windows, cleaning my bathroom....whew I'm tired just typing it! I also decorated the house for Christmas on Saturday night, which reminds me, I need to get photos up here to show you!
I'm also expanding my sale on my Etsy store: buy 2 get one free! 1 week only!
Ok, I have to go catch my breath...and do some laundry, see you later!

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Karen said...

Hey sweetie - I need you to send me your email address (or send me an email). I made my blog private because someone weird had 'followed' it and it creeped me out LOL
I thought I had your email in my contacts but apparently I do not!
Love ya


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