Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Prep

I love the photo above - Arwen loves her stuffed toys, even if they don't stay that way for long! She brings this pepper everywhere with her, even if it no longer has its stuffing since this was taken. I love this photo because it looks like she brought the pepper to look out the window with her while she does - too cute!
Today, though I am pretty sore and tired, I will tidy the house some more (yesterday was a house clean-athon), and hopefully start to put up some decorations for Christmas.
I'm also going to try and get at least one of the new jewel bags I have been planning on making for a while...I am learning to sew and I made some cushion covers last week to try my hand at using a machine...I'll get some pics of those today, maybe with the dog because she makes everything look good :)
I also have to plan my Christmas baking and get the house ready for my mom who is coming for a week long visit next week. I am so excited - we plan visits together a few times per year where we can catch up and have some fun - she really is my best friend :)
I'll post pics of the jewel bags when they are done also, as well as a new necklace for my friend that I made.
Busy busy! Have a safe weekend everyone, don't get mad at holiday traffic! And remember, it truly is the THOUGHT that counts with Christmas (or any) gifts - something small and handmade that requires a lot of thought is better than any gift, no matter how expensive (ok, maybe a really nice engagement ring, or a pair of killer Jimmy Choo's, but those are dream items, lol).
Take care!

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