Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's (My) Dog's Life

~Arwen the Contortionist~

Now, normally I HATE to show my couches because of their ugliness, but of course, the day I wash them every week happens to be the day that Arwen decides to do funny, cute things on them, like the photo above, and let me photograph them. I'm not exactly sure how she gets wedged into this position, only that it takes A LOT of work! Usually napping for her involves many changes of position, a leg pointed strait up in the air for a while (see the next photo), and twisting her body until it looks like her spine is about to snap.
~Arwen Gets a Leg Up!~

What is more amazing than the fact that, apparently, this is comfortable to the point of doing it several times per day, is the fact that if someone, or something, alerts her, she will flip off the couch at lightning speed, without dislocating her spine!
She is definitely a character :)
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