Monday, September 8, 2008

Sort of Happy Birthday...

~Insert Candle Here~

Though my birthday isn't until Wednesday, my mom's was on Saturday, and my sister's was on the 29th of August, so we all went to my parents' house for our birthday celebrations on Sunday. It was a great afternoon, despite my being in a lot of pain - the sudden cold weather seems to have really hit me hard. Brennan has some viral thing going on with his sinuses, so he was not feeling his best, but he put on a happy face and enjoyed the day too (my strawberry-chocolate cupcakes helped - see my food blog for the post soon!). We all had a great afternoon and everyone got some really nice gifts. My sister got me a magazine subscription I've wanted for a long time, but never got myself, my parents gave me a WillowTree angel for my collection, and a book on learning how to sew (I know, I never have enough on my plate!), and my brother gave me a gift card so I can treat myself to things I never seem to buy for me (which was really generous considering he is in University still). There were great nibblies provided by my parents, and I, as I mentioned earlier, brought the cupcakes. I purchased a book, called, "Crazy About Cupcakes" a while back because I want to make them for my wedding dessert, and ever since, I have been absolutely crazy for cupcakes. I'd never even had them until I got this book, but WOWEE, I love them now! I do, of course, have to modify all the recipes for my allergies, but that just adds to the fun and challenge of it all. I had intended to make strawberry shortcake cupcakes for my birthday, but there weren't enough strawberries, and no chocolate at all, so I made my own version and they are AMAZING! Totally forgot I was in so much pain ;-)
That's all for now, I've had some pretty painful days and my Etsy store has been doing so well I haven't been napping (which I am not complaining about - I love my Etsy store!), so I'm pretty tired and sore.
I'll catch up with you all later, hugs for you!

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Lindsay said...

Best cupcakes ever!
I really liked the black forest ones we had before too.. with the jam in the middle... oh yum!

I can't wait to be invited over for taste testing!


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