Thursday, September 4, 2008

Holy Cow I Need to Breathe!

~One of the New Flower Bobby Pins~

Ok, so when I said that I need to distract myself to avoid pain from Fibromyalgia, I don't think I quite meant THIS distracted, but I am having the TIME OF MY LIFE!! I have made more sales on my Etsy store, and one of my Etsy Street Teams is having a 1 year anniversary birthday bash 20% off sale (see my jewellery blog for details and a coupon!), I am making more jewellery, trying to exercise as per the doctor's instructions, clean my house, spend time with my fiance, dog and cat, run the rest of my business, and sleep! I LOVE IT!! I am still able to nap (usually) when I need to so that is great. Oh yeah, I also have a new store on iCraft at: it has different items not listed on my Etsy store so check it out!
I have to say that even though I am still in flare ups almost constantly, tired, sore and stiff, it is a real Godsend to have a supportive family and friends, and to have found Etsy. I am able to meet with other artists, and socialize from my home. I am getting more and more inspired to create more great jewellery (I'm even drawing again!) and photography. I am slowly building my reputation online so that people know they can purchase from me with confidence. I am building my own confidence! I have been so worried for so long that Fibromyalgia would take my income, social life, sense of pride, everything, that this is the greatest blessing I could have received right now. Thank you God! Thank you family! Thank you friends! I love you all and appreciate all your support.
Ok, enough with the cheeeese, I am going to make more jewellery, and hopefully go get some sleeeeeeep.....
Much love,

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