Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sparkles Show a Huge Success!

Sorry it's been so long, it has been a busy few weeks! On April 29 and 30, I took part in my first-ever jewelry show, Spencerville Sparkles. It was a HUGE success! I was very intimidated initially, having no prior experience. Walking into a room full of seasoned jewelry designers and glass bead makers is quite a head-turner! Fortunately everyone was very nice and understanding - they all had to start somewhere too!

I had what I thought was a pretty nice display all thought out, but wow, was I in for a surprise! Although my table looked good, it was nowhere near what the other designers had. They had beautiful layouts and displays, so I learned quite a bit from that! Next time, I'll iron my table cloth, and have better displays, more similar to a storefront, on my table. Live and learn!

The people at the Sparkles show were, to the very last visitor and exhibitor, friendly, approachable and so incredibly fun to talk to! I made so many new friends, and even found another of the artists actually teaches silversmithing, so I am going to start a course with her starting June 1, and I am so incredibly excited about that! It was a great show, I learned so much, and met so many encouraging people, that I now am planning on improving my displays and going out to more shows!

I am now planning on doing the Merrickville Farmer's Market every Saturday, starting June 4 and going for at least a month straight to see how things go. If all goes well, I'll continue. My good friend and fantastic glass bead artist, Louise of Fireseed, will be sharing a tent with me, so if you are ever in Merrickville on a Saturday in June, please come and check us out, we'll be beside the Main Street Restaurant at the Market!

In addition to that, Arwen the Wonderdog and I have started obedience classes with a friend of mine, Marie Merkley. I finally had enough when the Wonderdog decided to nearly throw me down the stairs when trying to get the door about a month ago. That, and her inability to calm down when I have guests is quite trying. We've had one lesson so far, and have been working on our own since then, every day, and are doing so well, I can't believe I ever doubted us! She is such a great dog, I really love her to bits. She is trying so hard to listen and learn and do what I ask of her. We've been walking everyday except yesterday, and she is doing so well! She is hardly pulling at all, and has even walked on a loose leash a few times, which is a huge improvement from nearly pulling me into every ditch she can in order to smell anything interesting! She is also much calmer when people come over, she still barks, but she calms down much more quickly. We're working on it. It's a process for both of us!

I'm also trying to promote my Etsy shop. I'm starting to feel a bit healthier after nearly 3 months of treatment and I really want to get my shop moving the way I know it can!

So, all in all, busy busy busy, has meant not many blog posts. However, I'm going to try to work on that. I don't just want to put up a bunch of jewelry item photos and leave it at that, I want to give you all interesting content to thank you for stopping by my humble little blog. Baby steps, you know :)

Have a great day, I hope to see you all again soon! Oh, and Arwen says A-Roo-Roo (that is HI! in dog-speak).

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