Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Arwendnesdays With Arwen the Wonder Dog: Treat Time!

Hello, and welcome to another Arwendnesday with me, Arwen the Wonder Dog! Today is all about Treats. I LOVE TREATS!! Mommy always tries to buy the best quality treats, but paws down, I love the ones mommy makes for me the best! She bought a really good book a few years back called, "Natural Health for Dogs and Cats" by Dr. Pitcairn, and it is really good. Mommy tried feeding me the natural diets for a while, and though I liked them, I eat so much food that mommy had to stop before they went broke, HaRoo ! She still buys the very best pre-made food that she can afford, which I love, and the vet says it is really good too, so that is fine.
Anyways, the book also has some really good TREAT recipes in there. Mommy changes a few of the ingredients so that they don't have wheat in them, so the recipe isn't exactly the same, but it is still drool-a-licious! Here they are before baking. Mommy wanted to use her bone shaped cookie cutter, but these are a little sticky for it, so she rolls them into small balls and presses them flat. She makes each one a two-serving treat, so they can be broken in half, or given whole when I am a REALLY good girl!
Mommy tried half of one of my biscuits to make sure they taste okay, and to make sure they weren't too hot to eat. Mommy said they are a little bland, but still kind of tasty! They are more like a savory cookie for people, but HEY! Let me try mommy!! Here is the taste test - I'm trying to be careful not to take mommy's fingers with the cookie, I don't think she'd like that.....
NOM, NOM, NOM! I LOVE MY TREATS!!! I think I might have licked some of the finish off of the floor in my attempts to get all of the crumbs!

These are really tasty and I recommend this book for anyone interested in knowing more about feeding and general care for dogs and cats.

That's all for now, I am going to try and get a few more treats before my mid-morning nap!
and Arwen

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