Friday, August 8, 2008

Super Dad to the Rescue!

~My Cat Gandalf, One Step Closer to Getting His Teeth Fixed~

Well, we are now $250 closer to getting Gandalf's teeth fixed! My wonderful dad went drag racing last weekend (his favourite hobby!) and said that anything he won he would selflessly put towards Gandalf's dental surgery. Lo and behold, he got 4th place on a huge race weekend, and won $250 for Gandalf! Thank you so much Dadoo! Hallelujah! I've also made a few jewellery sales this week, so we are getting there, thank God. Gandalf is still his super-friendly self, still chomping away at his food, so the surgery isn't critical right now, but I still want to get it done asap.
In other good news, Brennan and I got to spend a nice day at his parents' rented cottage this week. Although I was sore as all get out, it was great to see them again, and I even got some sun! Yes, it actually stopped raining for most of the afternoon and I got some wonderful, bone warming sun with a great view of Lake Dore and the distant shoreline. We had a nice visit with his parents, and although I was about as sore as I've ever been, it was great to get out and about!
I have also started a new online store, in addition to my website. I have a store on now, and it is at Here you'll see more jewellery that isn't for sale on the website, and some other cool stuff too! I hope you'll check it out, and give me some feedback. I'll be adding more items continuously to the Etsy store in hopes of getting more people to see my works.
That's all for now, my friend and partner-in-crime Stephanie and I are doing photographs at a wedding tomorrow and I need to be as rested as possible.
Take care, prayers to all of you!

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