Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Love is the Best Medicine

~My 'Lil Love Bug, Gandalf~
When my fiance is at work and I'm alone and sore during the day, there is nothing I love more than to sleep. I should say, that I love to sleep and have my animals keep me company. My cat Gandalf sits on my tummy and purrs, making him my personal massaging heating pad. My dog Arwen takes my fiance's pillow and most of his side of the bed, puts her head on his pillows and stares out the window into the backyard. Sometimes she'll sleep on her back, spread eagle with her paws straight in the air and SNORE! It's amazing how a 50 pound dog can snore louder than an adult more than 3 times her size! That being said, I'd rather have her snore than not have her at all.
Knowing my animals are always there, loving me no matter how sore and cranky I am, makes the day better and go by faster. Love truly is the best medicine! That, and my animals are hilarious! Laughter helps too. They play together, and when that gets boring, they sleep side by side, sometimes touching paws, tails, even noses! I am blessed to have companionship - even when my fiance is at work, my animals are always by my side. On my most painful days, they hardly go more than a few feet away, and I am grateful for that!
That's all for now, I'm off to play with my dog,

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