Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Fibro Diaries: My Life with Fibromyalgia

So for the last 2 years I've been sick. Really, really sick - I'm always tired, fuzzy-headed, and sore. I'm sore all over. My skin, muscles, joints, everything is hurting all the time. Sometimes it gets so bad I can barely drag myself out of bed to pee.

I'm only 25. I have just found out I have Fibromyalgia. It's permanent, there isn't a cure, and it's getting worse. It might not be fatal, but it causes a lot of problems:

Because of this illness I've lost friends, I've lost jobs, I've lost self-esteem.

But I'm still here, and I'm fighting every step of the way.

Join me on my odyssey of self-exploration, pain control and humorous self-mockery.

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LindaGJ said...

I just read this first post you made about a year ago. This is the 1st time I am reading about you and your fibro.
To be at such a young age. I think I always had it but I could still work and socialize, but the chemo for 2 yrs. did me in and now it's full blown. I know what you are talking about, losing friends, can't work...etc. That is the worst feeling and I sure did grieve over that realization. I haven't lost friends, but they have slipped away from me because I never can go out and when I do I have a great time, because of taking meds, but then I also am bedridden for days afterwards. People that don't have it, just don't get it at all. I'm lucky to have parents that are understanding and other friends I've met that have fibro, through the internet and also some artists I've met that have other pain conditions. Also, my boyfriend of a year is very understanding, but boyfriends before would get mad at me, impatient with me. My whole life was my social life with working. I had a blast at work and the people were awesome and all talented artists of some kind. Teaching art school to the tots & middle school was an adventure for me as well,since I can't have kids.
I read about your contest and so I am now scrolling through your blog to find out more about you. You don't mention your fibro and that is what drew me to you, then I found a very talented artist!!! I love all the pics of your jewelry, your cute husband, your darling puppy dog, & I have no advice about your shop because I think it's perfect the way it is!!! Maybe if I read on, I will find more talk about your daily fibro and how you are dealing with it.
That is the only thing I could give you advice about, as I want to know because I can relate, but that is only because I have fibro myself. I don't know if others would understand what we go through. Maybe they should! It's nothing about pity for yourself. It just shares and educates what fibro is to the world.
And by the way, I probably already mentioned this, but I am loving your ring so much. I wear it every chance I get. I feel like I just made a comment about that, but at the moment can't remember, so I think it's best to tell you again than not at all!
I'll be 52 next Sept. 28th. I don't act 52 or think in a normal 52 way. It's just an age and I stayed very young at heart. It's just a shame that my body feels like it's much older and for you a 25 year old, I sympathize with you more than you know! Like I said too though, I think I've had fibro my whole life, just didn't know what it was. I just thought it was because I worked laborously at things. I have to go know as I'm getting in pain from writing! LOL! but I will continue looking at your blog from the beginning!
Hang in there girl!!!
Linda :)


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