Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Cow Appreciation Day!

1. Chenille Moo Cow Custom by MillieFern 2. Hand Drawn Egg Cup - Cow by Jimbobart 3. Mad Cow Pet Hat by PamperedWhiskers 4. Cow Thank You Notes by MariaPalito 5. Cow Hugger Necklace by RoamingRabbit 6. My Moo Moo by RkDsign88

In honor of Cow Appreciation Day, I present to you a collection of beautiful, adorable, wonderful cow-inspired art from Etsy. I just love cows, don't you? I would love to have a farm with a great big field so I could plonk a bunch of cows there. Just to watch them eat and be cows. So relaxing!

Update on Fintan: they have changed his litter, and he is on antibiotics and seems to be doing a bit better. He is playing more and coming up to people for affection, so that is a very good sign. I'll keep you updated :)

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