Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sweet Saturday: New Earrings!

FINALLY I get to show you my new earring line (well, one pair of them anyway!). I am making Swarovski Pearl Birth Month Earrings with a color for each month! This particular pair is for March (usually aquamarine), using a light blue Swarovski pearl for the top bead, and a cream drop for the bottom. All the birth month earrings will have their month's color for the top, and a cream bead for the bottom so that they go with everything. You can see them here: ones were made with sterling silver, but I can also make them in 14Karat gold-filled wire on request.
About 2 inches (5cm) from top to bottom, these are stylish and versatile!

I'm also starting to redo all of my jewelry photos, so if the photos in my Etsy store look a little odd, with photos having all different backgrounds, that would be why. I'm changing to all white for clarity and to keep everything consistent and clean-looking :)
Thanks for visiting, see you soon!

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