Friday, June 11, 2010

Fabulous Friday...And We're Back!

Digging for Gold? Nope! Just New Water Lines!

Woo hoo! I am back after a rather unplanned and very long absence! My contract has ended and I am back to making my jewelry full time again, woot! It is so good to see you all again, I have missed you more than you can possibly know.If you remember, waaayyyy back in April I mentioned we had a problem with our well. Actually, it stopped working. Not becuase there wasn't enough water (if you look down in it, about 8-10 feet down you can see our water!), but because the valve in the well had rusted and broken, the pump inside was burning out, and the tank to hold our water was completely waterlogged. Of course, we didn't know all of those things had gone wrong simultaneously, no, we kept discovering surprise after surprise when we thought we had finally found "the problem". Fun. 3 days without water was even better. Yes, that meant no showers and having to go to neighbors' houses to get hose water to flush our toilets. *shudder*
Here are some photos of the glorious job the guys had to do. What was supposed to be a 2 hour job turned into a day and a half of excavators, new lines, new tank, new pump, new valve and a dirt-filled back yard! We got a delivery of topsoil to back fill further and level it all out, but it has been rainy here, so it is still in piles in the yard, but with shiny new weeds sprouting on it. Gotta laugh! And at least we'll never have to worry about it again - it will last for longer than we own the house now. For those wondering, this kind of thing doesn't happen often, but it DOES happen. There really isn't any preparing ahead of time, but it was way cheaper than a sewer or water mains line going on our property if we lived in the city :)
And even better? we didn't have to dig a new well, now THAT would have made me seriously displeased!
This was what the front of the house looked like...deceptive isn't it?
More trench, geez, will it ever stop? You can see old water pipes sticking up
Pulling up the old lines - the new pump required heavier-duty water lines
Starting to run new electrical and water lines
New electricalChaos from the sideNew lines running into the house so we have water - YAY!!

I'll get photos of our dirt yard later, I figured these were enough to be getting along with initially!

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