Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dogon Good!

~Help Me Get a Shelter Friend!~

Hello, my name is Arwen. I am a 5 and 1/4 year old mix of lab, border collie, husky and whatever else God decided to throw in the mix. I love to look cute (see above), play fetch (or keep away, whatever I decide at the time), and nap with my mom. My mom loves me very much, and I love to cuddle, play and chase her (or have her chase me) around the house. I also love to play with other dogs and cats, and I'm finding the house a little quiet since my cat-brother Gandalf went to heaven.
Mom tells everyone she is having a sale on her jewellery and photography to clear space for new items, which is true, but secretly she is doing it so she can get me a friend. You see, since mom got sick with Fibromyalgia, she hasn't been able to work, and she can't afford to get me a new friend and fence in the yard. This means that since we live far away from other people and puppies, I don't have another dog to run and play with. I really need a friend, so please go visit my mom's jewellery site for some great deals (which also benefit charities), and to help me get a new friend from a local shelter!
Little Studio Photography and Jewellery
Also, don't forget to enter the November blog contest to try and win a ring at:
Your Furry Friend Arwen


Karen said...

Oh Arwin - I hope you find a shelter friend. If we lived closer I would bring Sammee (also known as Sambo among other charming endearments) to play with you. Sammie's bestest friend/littermate Sophee also went to Rainbow Bridge (that's where all animals go to wait for their humans). Sammee has Dayzee, my 3 year old rescue Pomeranian but she doesn't know how to play with a bigger dog. I will go look at your mom's jewelry - I have one piece and I just love it - no guarantees as the economy is bad all over :( but I will look - and I will pray for a shelter friend for you.
warm squishie huggles
Karen in AZ :)

Meghann said...

Oh you are too sweet Karen :)
I know the economy is bad all over and I understand that people are cutting WAY back for Christmas and other regular goods too this year (myself included!).
Have a great day and hug all the paws for us :)


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