Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Well, it's not quite summer, but the weather here has been so nice the last 2 days that despite being in one of the worst flare-ups I've had ever, and barely being able to walk at times, I actually made a new garden! Well, if truth be told, I only extended out South-facing garden. However, it still required the digging up of some 30 square feet of well-established (though weedy) grass, dumping more topsoil, and planting the sorry plants that have been sitting on my kitchen counter for the last 2 weeks! It was painful, it was arduous, but I DID IT!! And I am so proud that I did it myself - my fiance is currently down for the count with a vicious cold, so I didn't want to make him worse by inflicting forced labour on him! I only planted 2 delphiniums and a dwarf burning bush, but I will plant some tomatoes and hopefully some nice perennials also. When it is finished, I'll take some pictures for you to see it.
I know it was great exercise, but for now, I am going to SLEEP!!
Take care, happy gardening,

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