Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Fibro Diaries: December 12

After a visit to my rheumatologist this morning, I am finally able to wean myself off the Lyrica. It has been giving me constant nausea, and I have been having increasingly bad asthma attacks and chest pain on this medication. Though I was willing to accept the severe side effects if the pain subsided, the pain has done nothing but increase steadily over the last few months.
After going off this medication, I will be trying Cessamet, a synthetic THC derivative. Some Fibromites have has success with it, and I hope to add to that number.
I am still unable to work, and my exams dates draw ever closer, so I need relief as soon as possible.
My prayers go out to everyone who have this disease, and hopefully we will have a cure soon.
Keep checking back, as I intend to start a new blog on Gluten free and Low Allergy cooking as soon as possible. I'll post the links as soon as it's up.
Happy Christmas!

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