Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet Saturday: A Barn Painting

Okay, so I'm no Da Vinci, but this is the first painting I've done in years and I might just be a little bit proud of it, even though I know it kind of stinks! I am a little shy showing everyone this painting as I know there are a few painters who visit this blog. Stop laughing, all of you, lol. I'm sorry it isn't a better image of the painting, but my scanner is currently buried.

My mom has been going around our countryside and photographing the many historic, interesting or just plain old barns that are in danger of disappearing due to age, neglect, weather, or development. This was the first photo I decided to paint, and yes, I know you aren't supposed to paint from photos, and yes, I know, the perspective on the photo may not lend itself particularly well to being painted, but I fell in love with this little place when I saw the photo. There is something so quaint, peaceful and serene about it. So tiny, in the middle of a HUGE field. What was it used for? Was it a house for people? Chickens? I don't know, but I loved it so much I had to paint it and then expose you to my rusty painting skills :)

This was done on 190 gsm acid free watercolor paper with Faber Castell Goldfaber Aquarelle watercolor pencils, lovingly painted over with water. Whew! That was a mouthful!

Have a great day, until next time,

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