Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Saturday!

My "little BIG thing" today: I took some photos in my yard, and had a blast!
I'm sore (as always) but this "little BIG thing" is actually quite a bit of fun - I'm trying to do one thing each day that (though it may seem small to some people) makes a difference in my happiness. I'll try to post here more regularly, but if I'm absent from here, please do check out my Little Studio Photography and Jewellery Blog
Thanks for visiting, I hope you have a great day!

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Renee said...

I love the idea of doing one thing that makes us happy that day. I am going to try it on and see if it fits.

LIKE A CERTAIN BEAUTIFUL RING that I discovered came in the mail yesterday but I didn't see until this morning. I LOVE IT. Oh my God. I made it a bit bigger and it fits perfect.

Meghann it is beautiful. I also love the card, did you make it too. The picture was beautiful.

Meghann thank you so much. I love it.


Thanks sweets. I love it.

Okay, I guess you get the idea.

Love Renee xoxo


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